COLUMBUS, Neb. -- The Columbus Police and Fire Departments, along with their families, packed meals for children in Haiti on Saturday.

The Columbus Community Haiti Project event was hosted by 1C Church, 2200 28th Ave. and they packed more than 80,000 meals.

It took around two hours to pack all of the meals. Members of organizations, businesses, and residents also participated in the event.

This is the second year that this event has been held and is a partnership with Mission of Hope. The event originally started after 1C Pastor Jim Thelen saw that the children in Haiti didn't have enough to eat.

Mission of Hope is a nonprofit that has “now grown from a small mission located on a barren piece of land in Haiti to a multi-country organization that focuses on partnering with local churches to help people in their communities see, feel and hear the Gospel.” Mission of Hope currently works in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.