OMAHA, NEB. - For the first time, the trophy of the Men’s College World Series’ next destination is Knoxville, TN.

The Tennessee Volunteers topped Texas A&M 6-5 in game three on Monday night, in yet another all SEC national championship game.

“It’s a beautiful thing to bring this trophy home,” second baseman Christian Moore said. “This school, this program, it means so much to me. I’m so blessed to a part of it. Coach Vietello, he’s a great man and I’m luck to have played for him.”

Vols head coach Tony Vietello says the Vols success began with a strong start, but adversity and perseverance helped them reach the pinnacle of college baseball.

“It started on an unbelievable foot and it kept going,” Vietello said. “Very few moments when we were knocked off course, if anything it was minor bumps on the way. These guys were so good to each other and so good to the coaches, we felt like we were always making progress.”

Vols starer Zander Sechrist picked up the win on Monday night, tossing five and a third innings allowing just one run on six hits, with seven strikeouts. 

Omaha's own Dalton Bargo gave a firsthand account of seeing the final out, from the first base dugout. 

“Kinda surreal, I saw the swing and miss, started screaming and yelling, just rain on the field,” Bargo said. “I saw it happen in my head a million times, but it was crazy to see it in person.”

With the title, the Vols become the first team since 1999 to win the MCWS as a one seed. Something Vietello says the Vols looked at and had a goal of ending.

“Part of it, is assess the situation,” Vietello said. “Ask yourself why. There’s reasons why. Look what happened tonight, one crazy thing, one slide at home plate, things look very different, but when you look at the whole body of work, these guys were very very good.”

With the title, the Vols not only win their first ever MCWS, but win the schools first national championship since a Track &F Field title in 2009. The Vols end the season at 60-13.