COLUMBUS, Neb. — As part of a plan to improve Memorial Stadium, residents in Columbus provided input on what they want to see upgraded more than 70 year old stadium.
With the city wanting to gain more input on what residents want to see, BVH Architecture brought forward site floor plans of the existing conditions of the facility.
“[We want to] gain community input," BVH Architect Principal Matt Smith said. "Understand what’s working well with the current complex, what’s not working well with the current complex [and] any ideas the community has.”
Columbus City Council listed a Memorial Stadium study as one of the priorities for spending this fiscal year.
Some of the concerns of the current stadium was cramped press boxes and parking during games, small locker rooms, and not enough concessions.
Columbus High Football Head Coach Craig Williams has been coaching for the Discoverers for 23 years.
Williams wants the history to stay in-tact for the stadium and see the stadium continue the use by both athletic teams and residents.
“One of the hopes of the city and the people in charge [is] to get another 80 years around the stadium," Williams said. "That would be awesome.”
The focus of the project is the original 1947 west stadium along with the addition from 2003.
With over 70 years of history, a  big focus of the project is preserving the memories made at the stadium.
“Making sure we give a nod to that and remember that as we look forward to upgrading the amenities, upgrading the facility to meet current needs," Smith said.
Thursday’s open house was the beginning stages of a full-scale project.
BVH will take input from a public survey that runs until the end of June and will begin designs of the potential new stadium.