COLUMBUS, Neb. -- Many things have changed in Columbus over the course of 100 years but one family-owned business has remained a staple in its community.

“I’m kind of in awe that it’s been around for 100 years and grown and become what it is now from just my great-great-grandma washing clothes in her house,” fifth generation Eden Jackson said.

Jackson Services has operated in Columbus, working on anything from washing clothes to interior car cleaning.

Jackson Service's President Jesse Jackson's great-grandmother Minnie Jackson started the business in 1924.

“The predecessors to me and my ancestors, they went through the depression and they went through a lot of stuff to get here," Jesse said. "It’s humbling. There’s pressure there too because you don’t want to be the generation that screws it up.”

In order to keep the business fully functioning, everyone puts in their work including Jesse’s daughter Eden.

“My grandpa would make a big deal," Eden said. "[He’d say], ‘Oh, you’re the first of many fifth generation workers.’ It is just crazy to kind of think my family has been doing this for five generations now.”

While Eden is heading to college to be a nurse, she knows she will always have a home at Jackson Services.

"I have a lot of pride in this place and family pride," Jesse said. "I decided to come back to do it and all four of us kids eventually decided to come back and work here.”

While just celebrating 100 years, Jesse said the business will continue to provide the best piece of clothing at a time.