HASTINGS, Neb. – With college costs seemingly on the rise in the entire country, many students are finding it harder to pay for higher education after high school.

But, the Nebraska State Treasurer's Office is offering a solution to help pay for college.

Treasurer Tom Briese's Office is home to several college savings programs including the 'NEST 529' plan that anyone can open to invest money for their children's post-secondary education.

Treasurer Briese says they have a complete range from low to high risk investment plans to choose from, and all come with tax breaks and other financial benefits.

"It's a simple process, there are some significant tax benefits to doing this, and the money in there can be professionally managed as well, so it's kind of a win-win-win," said Briese. "I would encourage all Nebraskans to take a look at it (NEST 529 plan) and see if it's something that fits for them."

Funds deposited into the account can be withdrawn at any time tax-free if used to purchase qualified college-related expenses.

The State Treasurer's Office also recently announced the 'Meadowlark Savings Pledge Funds' which gives all babies born in Nebraska in 2023 a one-time gift of $50 in a Meadowlark Savings Account.

For more information or to sign up for a NEST 529 savings plan, visit treasurer.nebraska.gov. or nest529.com