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LINCOLN, Neb. - Secretary of State Bob Evnen has important reminders for voters ahead of the May 14 primary election. 

Voting at the polls

Polls will be open on Tuesday, May 14 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Central Time or 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Mountain Time. Every polling place will be staffed and ready for voters.

Early voting ballots

Voters have until the close of polls (8 p.m. CT or 7 p.m. MT) on Election Day to return their early voting ballots to their county election offices or to a secure ballot drop box. Late ballots will not be accepted, including ballot envelopes that are postmarked on Election Day but are not received until after the close of polls.

Find your polling place, track your ballot

A Nebraska voter can utilize the VoterCheck system to locate their polling place, view their ballot before going to the polls, track their early voting ballot or track their provisional ballot. The VoterCheck URL is Voters can access VoterCheck through the Secretary of State’s main website as well under Elections>Voters>Voter Information Lookup.

Bring ID

The 2024 primary election will be the first election in Nebraska to require voter ID. County election officials and poll workers have been trained on the new voter ID requirements and procedures. A voter who does not have a photo ID with them at the polling place can still cast a ballot, but for it to count, the voter must present their acceptable photo ID to their county election office by the end of the business day Tuesday, May 21. Visit for more information and resources.

Acceptable IDs include: 

  • Nebraska driver’s license
  • Nebraska state ID
  • U.S. passport
  • Military ID
  • Tribal ID
  • Hospital, assisted-living facility or nursing home record
  • Nebraska political subdivision ID (state, county, city, school, etc.)
  • Nebraska college or university ID (public or private)

IDs can be expired. A voter’s ID must have their name and photo.

Electioneering prohibited

Campaign items such as buttons, stickers and T-shirts are not allowed to be worn in a polling place. It is illegal to campaign or electioneer within 200 feet of the entrance of a polling place. Campaign signs can be installed on private property within 200 feet of the entrance of a polling place, provided that the property does not include where the polling place is located.

Special accommodations and assistance

Poll workers are trained and prepared to help voters if they require special assistance to vote at their polling places. Curbside assistance is available for those who have difficulty walking or utilizing assistive devices. Ballot-marking devices called ExpressVotes are available for anyone to use, and they include features that can help those with vision or mobility difficulties still cast a ballot privately and independently.

Provisional ballots

If a voter happens to lose their early ballot, damage their early ballot or has not received their early ballot by Election Day, they can still vote with a provisional ballot at their polling place. That ballot will be counted once it is confirmed that no other ballots have been cast for them.

Results reporting

Unofficial results for statewide races will be posted at beginning at 8 p.m. CT or 7 p.m. MT. Results will be auto-updated every 5 minutes. Once all county election offices have finished reporting for the night, the Secretary of State’s office will stop the auto-update and will move to periodically updating unofficial results.