BEATRICE – This is Vietnam War Veterans Day in Nebraska. Governor Jim Pillen signed a proclamation just prior to presenting pins to Nebraskans who served in the war.

"I just can't tell you, from my heart how grateful all Nebraskans grateful I am personally, how grateful we all are for your sacrifice and your service. You are certainly not forgotten. Your work is greatly appreciated."

Nebraska Director of Veterans Affairs John Hilgert asked for a moment of silence at the ceremony for the 396 Nebraskans who lost their lives in the Vietnam War and for the 15 service personnel still missing in action.

The blue pins presented to the veterans match the blue on Nebraska’s state flag. "But, I think the most significant part of that pin, is the part that you're only going to see when you put it on. Because it's on the other side...and it says, a grateful nation thanks, and honors you. And, it's on the other side...because that side is closest to your heart....and represents how close you are, to the heart of this nation", Hilgert said.

Last year’s ceremony was the 50th anniversary of the end of the war. Hilgert encouraged Vietnam Veterans to join a veteran’s service organization.
"Your voice is amplified many, many, many times across the rotunda in that room, if you're a member of a service organization. The second thing is, our benefits that we have in Nebraska. We've worked for years to make Nebraska one of the most veteran friendly states. Please access your benefits, if you're not already doing so."

Governor Pillen presented the pins to several Vietnam War Veterans in the Warner Chamber, at the Nebraska Capitol building, Thursday morning.