LINCOLN, Neb. -- A state congressman is touting Nebraska as the best place in the country for law enforcement officers to live, and he's putting together a national recruitment plan to prove it.

Nebraska District 1 Rep. Mike Flood announced "Nebraska Backs the Blue" on Tuesday afternoon. The effort aims to attract law enforcement officers from other state to relocate and continue their careers in Nebraska.

"Nebraska is the best state in the Union to work as a law enforcement official," Flood said. "Our message today, is to the rest of the United States, that our communities are looking for good, qualified, officers that are honest, that have integrity, and are in it for all the right reasons."

Flood cited Nebraska's First Responder Recruitment and Retention Act as the state's biggest selling point, a bill passed by the Nebraska Legislature last fall that covers 100 percent of tuition costs for dependents of any Nebraska law enforcement official. According to Flood, Nebraska is the only state to offer such a benefit.

"The fact that we have these benefits and no other state does means that we can take our story to every state in the nation, to any police officer that wants to make a lateral move," Flood added.

Following Tuesday's announcement, Flood said he will continue to work with local law enforcement leaders throughout the 1st District to come up with an official recruitment plan for National Police Week in Washington D.C. in May.

Mike Flood is the founder and an owner of Flood Communications and News Channel Nebraska.