HUMPHREY, Neb. -- A lieutenant with the Platte County Sheriff's Office has updated Thursday's crash on Highway 91.

Lt. Kevin Schuller spoke with News Channel Nebraska Friday morning, where he gave new details on what happened Thursday. 

Schuller says calls of the crashes between Humphrey and Lindsay came in around 3:15 p.m. and involved between 20-25 vehicles.

Schuller said he was unsure of what exactly caused the incident, but said the location on the highway is prone to drifting snow and believes this as well as low visibility contributed to the incident.

Luckily, Schuller says not every vehicle made contact with another, and some entered ditches to avoid a crash.

He also praised the Lindsay Fire and Rescue for their assistance in helping to shut down the highway, move vehicles, and tend to the drivers.

Besides minor bruising, scratches, and scrapes no injuries were reported.

Schuller also praised Lindsay Fire and Rescue for transporting stranded vehicle occupants to their fire station, so they could stay warm as arranged pick-ups.

Vehicles still in a drivable condition were able to leave the highway, while those that couldn't were relocated to various farmlands.

While Highway 91 opened back up Friday morning, Schuller says parts of the roads are still one lane and warns low visibility is possible. 


This is an update to an existing story, the original story can be found below:

Thursday afternoon Nebraska 511 showed a partial road closure on Highway 91 between Humphrey and Lindsay.

Motorists were sent a Public Safety Alert to not travel in the area due to multiple accidents as well as limited visibility. 

A woman by the name Claudia Reyna, recorded the incident live on her Facebook page. From the video it can be seen that there are multiple vehicles with damage to them due to collisions.

Authorities said there were about 25 vehicles involved in accidents in multiple locations between the two towns. They also reported that the pile up caused a 75-vehicle backup on the highway. 

Due to more snow falling Thursday for a good portion of the day, there were whiteout conditions reported in some portions of the state. 

Nebraska 511 has several roads marked as covered, and they are advising no travel. The rest of Highway 91 has been marked as closed due to drifting on the road. 

If you need to travel, make sure the check Nebraska 511 and with your local authorities before doing so.