NEBRASKA -- Multiple motorists had to be rescued in Saunders and Butler Counties due to being stranded in the snowy weather on Highway 92.

The Nebraska State Patrol said the motorists became stranded on Friday evening and Saturday morning.

Rescue crews reportedly had difficulty reaching the motorists due to the drifting snow but all the stranded motorists that had been in contact with NSP were rescued as of 4 p.m. Saturday.

Officials said NSP has performed 173 motorist assists and responded to 6 crashes on Saturday. Over 1,000 weather related incidents have been responded to since Monday, along with 996 motorist assists.

NSP and NDOT continue to advise everyone to stay off Nebraska roadways during the dangerous conditions. Snow continues to blow and cause additional drifting situations while temperatures are expected to remain below zero for the next few days, with dangerously cold wind chills.