PLATTE COUNTY, Neb. (WOWT) - Tensions remain high over the merger of two Catholic schools just 10 miles apart in Platte County.

A meeting was held Thursday night at Humphrey St. Francis over the school’s merger with Lindsay Holy Family. Several in the community packed the school gym to voice their concerns.

The community is worried about the pace of the project and the cost of changing their schoole mascot and colors. There are also concerns about Lindsay’s plan to start a school separate from the Archdiocese of Omaha, which they fear will lead to no new transfers.

Humphrey residents are also fighting to keep their mascot, the Flyers, which honors two men who died fighting in World War II.

Lindsay held a meeting like this on Wednesday, where a number of similar concerns were raised.

The plan is to merge the two high schools and junior high schools in Fall 2024, at the start of the school year. The school would consolidate at the Humphrey St. Francis campus with a new name. The two campuses are just 10 miles apart.

Merging the two schools is an idea that has been floated there for decades but has received constant pushback from both communities.

In a statement sent to our partners at 6 News, the Archdiocese made note of that:

“The Archbishop’s letter to the Humphrey-Lindsay communities and to the pastor of the parishes was clear. There were numerous public meetings in the last two years. The Catholic School Office will assist the schools with the merger.”

The Archdiocese has cited teacher shortages and changing demographics as the reason for the merger.