LINCOLN, Neb - On Saturday, Nebraska will look to do something they haven’t done since joining the Big Ten - win at Camp Randall Stadium. On the flip side, Wisconsin is 15-0 in night games against unranked opponents.

While all of that may seem daunting, the Huskers are leaning into their struggles with the Badgers, turning it into motivation. Defensive back Omar Brown even said facts like Wisconsin’s nine game win streak against the Huskers are taped all over the Huskers facility, with the purpose to drive players like himself, and Thomas Fidone, to a win.

“It’s a challenge for me,” Brown said. “It’s something we have as a goal. Obviously they do that for a reason, pin everything up, it pushes you, makes us want to do it, beat them.”

“It’s a big opportunity for us,” Fidone said. “We could get the trophy here, never had it here before. It’s something we definetley want to do as a team. Obviously this is something big, a trophy game, go 1-0 this week, maybe we make a bowl game.”

After a five turnover loss doomed Nebraska against Maryland, the Huskers now lead the FBS in turnovers with 22 in 10 games played. Offensive Coordinator Marcus Satterfield has said time and time again, that with the strength of Nebraska’s defense, simply taking care of the football will lead to success.

He talked about the reasons for the turnovers, and how to prevent them, while also shouldering the blame for them ever happening in the first place.

“It’s easy to stand here and say it’s the quarterback’s fault… Ultimately I take full responsibility for it,” Satterfield said. “I have to train these guys into seeing what they’re seeing and getting the ball where it’s supposed to be. I think experience and the more reps we can get at it will improve the turnover issue. It’s frustrating for me, it’s frustrating for the guys, so we just keep attacking it, talking about it and staying as far away from those as we can.”

The Husker offense ranks 10th in the Big Ten heading into this weekend. While acknowledging Nebraska has not been as strong of an offense as they could be, Satterfiled does believe the team is heading in the right direction.

“We may not be playing at an elite level right now, but you all don’t see what I see in practice,” Satterfield said. “This team is getting better and better and better and our best days are ahead of us and are coming soon. I cant wait to see all this come to fruition and I’m proud of how they’re attacking this thing.”

It’s stilling question who Nebraska may roll with at quarterback, but Marcus Satterfield did note that Heinrich Haarbegr was a limited participant on Tuesday, while Sims and Purdy both took reps.

On the defensive side, Tony White noted DB Quinton Newsome, who was a late scratch for Saturday’s tilt with Maryland, has practiced this week.

The Huskers and Badgers kick off on Saturday at 6:30 p.m central time (5:30 mountain) on NBC.