COLUMBUS, Neb. -- According to the Columbus Police Department, they arrested three suspects for an alleged robbery Tuesday morning. 

The police said the robbery happened at a home within city limits. 

Around 11:22 a.m. on Tuesday, CPD said they responded to the home.

CPD was reportedly advised that there were three individuals with knives who had broken into the residence and stolen a firearm form the home.

"The victim was able to identify the suspects and their vehicle," Said CPD Capt. Doug Molczyk.

Authorities said the vehicle was quickly found by officers at a house on 17th Ave., and they were able to detain two of the suspects when they arrived. The third suspect was reported to be in the house. 

CPD said officers got a search warrant for the house and entered before they took the third suspect into custody. 

Molczyk said the names of the suspects, the charges they receive and additional information will be released at a later time. 

"The investigation is ongoing," Molczyk said. "At this time, there is no threat to the community and this situation is contained."