DAVID CITY, Neb. — On Saturday, Aquinas Catholic head football coach Ron Mimick will be honored for his induction to the Nebraska High School Sports Hall of Fame and said he believes his coaching career is far from over.

As the Monarchs prepare for their homecoming game against Grand Island Central Catholic, a post game celebration will be held for 34 year-long head coach Ron Mimick.

“I’ve been at a good school for a long time, you know, we’ve had a lot of good athletes and good dedicated young men who I’ve coached," Mimick said. "It’s an honor. It’s kind of just a recognition to the success we’ve had as a school in my longevity.”

With 34 of his 44 years of coaching at Aquinas, Mimick has lead the Monarchs to seven state titles and amassed a 276-87 record.

“I’ve looked at opportunities [and] had opportunities to leave but I’ve never left," Mimick said. "Probably so late in my career my chances of leaving are pretty darn low.”

Mimick credits the community around the school and said it makes coaching easier.

Of his many opponents, Mimick said the “battles” against Scotus Central Catholic and Jim Puetz were some of his favorite games to coach in.

Last year, the Monarchs had their first losing season in 31 years but Mimick has not lost enjoyment for the game he’s spent years in.

“It’s fun," Mimick said. "It’s a puzzle every year. You got to put together a little bit different team. So on that end of it, I would hope to keep coaching football for a long time.”

In addition to the coaching role, Mimick is the activities director, a history teacher, and the head coach for boys track.

With former players returning to honor the coach’s induction, what does Mimick believe he will see on Saturday?

“Suppose I’ll have a couple words to say after the game, it won’t be very long," Mimick said. "I’ll just say, ‘I’ve been at a good place for a long time with good kids.’ I really do believe that, I think.”