LINCOLN, Neb. - After Colorado upset then No. 17 TCU with a 45-42 win, the hype surrounding Deion Sanders and his revamp of Colorado is growing even higher. 

Colorado has won each of the last two meetings with Nebraska, as the Huskers prepare for a visit to Boulder on Saturday, for Deion Sanders' first game at Folsom Field. One of they keys for Matt Rhule and the Huskers this week: focusing on playing football, not the hype. 

That message has been well received by defensive backs Omar Brown and Quinton Newsome. 

"We'll go up against big teams throughout the whole season," Brown said. "I think what he [Rhule] means by that is play football. Don't think of it as a Deion Sanders and Matt Rhule, but as a player vs. player type thing. Read your keys, make your blocks, play it like a regular game."

Newsome, who first made a trip to Boulder as a freshman in 2019, says he's looking at it like any other contest. 

"The main thing is just playing football," Newsome said. "We're making sure that we're looking at it as playing football not anything else or anything outside of it. Making sure we're locked in on what we need to do."

Alex Bullock scored Nebraska's lone touchdown in the Huskers' 13-10 loss to Minnesota last Thursday. Bullock, and Norfolk native, Ethan Piper say their strategy of focus leading up to Saturday, is simply staying off social media, or at least not reading into it. 

"If you look at all that stuff, you might buy into the hype," Bullock said. "What we've been talking about is, if you're looking at that stuff, you're going to get distracted from the game and won't be focused on it. You have to go 1-on-1 with the guy across from you, and do your job."

"I just stay off my phone," Piper said. "I watch the games, but we put the TV on mute because it doesn't matter what's being said, the game and the tape speaks for itself.. We just look at it as a high school game, you just gotta go out and play with the boys."

Nebraska and Colorado kicks off Saturday at 11:00 a.m. central time, 10:00 a.m. mountain.