NORFOLK - A northeast Nebraska organization is putting out a call for volunteers to assist local veterans.

Norfolk's chapter of the Disabled American Veterans organization is looking for drivers.

The DAV has a vehicle they use to transport area veterans to doctor's appointments around Norfolk and Omaha at no cost to the veteran.

The DAV says they have a dedicated stable of drivers now, but say they're concerned about ensuring they'll be able to keep a steady stable of drivers in the future.

"Some of the drivers are veterans," says Ron Haselhorst, director of the Norfolk chapter of DAV. "Some of them come in from Tilden and Randolph. So it isn't that they're not making an effort. But I've been around so long I know we're getting to a point where we need to get some more drivers."

The DAV says they're mostly transporting Vietnam veterans these days, but they still serve veterans of older wars, all of whom have stories to tell.

"They'll share openly," says DAV secretary and driver Jan Haselhorst. "Most veterans will talk and the drive down and back flies by. I've had a couple of quiet guys and I respect that. But overall, it's really been an honor to be able to serve our veterans."

Anyone interested in becoming a driver can contact the DAV at 402-649-0123. There's an interview and screening process before drivers can be added. The cost of driving the veterans is covered.