COLUMBUS, Neb. -- A community in Platte County welcomed their first congressional district representative to celebrate their sales pavilion, as well as show him their new community facility. 

"When you look at a town in Nebraska that has really seen unprecedented growth, this is one of them, and it's great to be here and spend time with everybody," said Rep. Mike Flood, congressman representing the first congressional district.

Flood made his appearance at the Columbus Sales Pavillion Thursday to celebrate 90 years.

"Beef is the number one industry in Nebraska, number one in the world, number one in the United States, and so anytime I get to spend time here at the Columbus Sales Pavilion, it's a good day," Flood said.

Going into September, Flood said he hopes to address the farm bill that will lay the groundwork for agriculture in Nebraska for the next five years. 

"Nebraska farmers and ranchers are the original environmentalists," Flood said. "They, more than anybody else, have a vested interest in the quality of the land and preserving our natural resources. We don't need a climate change activist in New York telling Nebraska farmers and ranchers how to protect the environment. We've been doing it here for hundreds of years."

Flood made his next stop at the newest facility center. It made headlines when Flood inaugurated the Columbus Community Center into the congressional records. 

Jim Bulkley, mayor of Columbus, shared his excitement on the honor his community was presented. 

"We didn't expect it. I mean it came as a surprise, and it was a very pleasant surprise," Bulkley said. "So we always welcome Congressman when he comes to town. He has been a great advocate for our community and I know for his district. So, again, we are always pleased to see him."

"Put Columbus, Nebraska on the map. Let people know this is a great place to work," Flood said. "There are literally over 1000 jobs open here, so we need more people to move to Columbus to keep these businesses moving and make them profitable."

Mike Flood is the founder and an owner of Flood Communications and News Channel Nebraska.