LINCOLN, Neb - A couple of themes at Tuesday's Husker media session were the team getting their first look at their new locker room and facilities, as well as battling the heat just nine days from their season opener in Minnesota. 

When it comes to the heat, offensive lineman Ethan Piper says he loses about 10-15 pounds each practice due to sweating. However, the Norfolk native says there's aspects the team can gain from battling the heat.

"It shows your mental toughness," Piper said. "Fall camp, it was cloudy, 80 degrees... This is brutal. For me, it's an opportunity to work like you're always working, but adjust to battle through those hot and humid temperatures."

Temperatures are forecasted to stretch beyond 100 degrees for much of the week in Lincoln, but morning heat indexes still reach the century mark. Offensive coordinator Marcus Satterfield discusses the ways the coaching staff are keeping players hydrated and safe. 

"This last pracitce coach [Rhule] did a really nice job of going indoors and outdoors," Satterfield said. "We're not going to be the kind of guys who give them salt pills and not let them hydrate, we're going to make sure that they're safe. We'll do a couple periods inside, then a couple periods outside... and water, constantly, all practice."

The team also saw their new locker rooms for the first time earlier this week and it's safe to say, both Piper and coach Satterfield are impressed.

"It was way more then I thought it was going to be.. It's like three times the size of our last one," Piper said. "We got nice pools, it's incredible. Completely exceeded my expectations."

"It's nice, state of the art," Satterfield said. "Saunas, float tanks, saunas, cold tubs, hot tubs... It's one of the best, if not the best, facilities in the country... It's going to help us pay dividends to our players, help with recovery for our players, and it's going to help with recruiting down the road."

Nebraska kicks off with Minnesota at 7:00 p.m. on Aug. 31.