COLUMBUS, Neb. -- Scooter's Coffee was started in 1998 in Bellevue and has expanded across Nebraska as well as other states. Just last weekend a new location opened in Columbus. 

“I’ve never been at the beginning of starting a store so everyone was starting from scratch,” said manager Alisha Schuettler. 

With the grand opening of the store on Aug. 18, the managers say that this location has already seen heavy foot traffic. The company kicked off the opening with their buy one get one free promotion.

“We had like almost 400 tickets that went through,” Schuettler said. “There are like multiple drinks on each ticket, so it was our biggest day.”

The 24th Street location claims that they see many customers throughout the day, the placement of the coffee shop might be in their favor. 

“We have heard from so many customers that we are really the only coffee on this side of town,” Schuettler said. “I’d say all of the businesses here are our advantage because they also drove across town and now they don’t have to drive through all the traffic. So, we are already here for them.”

The odd part of the new location, it’s only minutes away from the previous one. According to workers, that doesn’t stop them from having great business.

“We think once all of this opens, I think we'll be pretty busy,” Schuettler said. 

Scooters has also done their part in giving back to the community since opening their store; by giving 10% of profits from their first day to Paws and Claws, a local animal shelter in Columbus. 

“Our owners are going to do like 10% of our sales that day to donate to Paws and Claws,” Schuettler said. “We love our animals that come through here so we are pretty excited about that. We want people to show up to that so we can donate more money to Paws and Claws."

The location is now fully open to the public and is in full operation.