COLUMBUS, Neb. -- Columbus city officials said that the men's restroom at Glur Park was found vandalized mid-morning on Wednesday morning. 

It was reported that both the men's and women's restrooms at the park were cleaned Tuesday night and looked normal. 

On Wednesday, officials said just after 9 a.m. they found the men's restroom had been "decimated."

Officials said the plastic toilet paper dispenser had been torn off the stall wall, ripped into multiple pieces and was then shoved into the toilet and urinal along with all of the toilet paper.

The trash was reportedly kicked down with the garbage scattered everywhere.

City officials said this incident "comes on the heels of the City Parks and Recreation team repairing the toilets near the tennis courts in Pawnee Park for $600 a piece after people lit fireworks in them on July 4."

It was reported that the bathrooms have been open all summer without any incidents until Wednesday. 

The vandalism causes the restrooms to be closed indefinitely until the City said they can figure out how to prevent it. 

"I don't know who it was, but we just want to remind citizens to not treat bathrooms like this because it costs money every single time," said Betsy Eckhardt, City Parks and Recreation director. "We have to figure out a solution to the vandalism issue because it costs hundreds of dollars each day for stuff that is destroyed. And it's well beyond our budget and anyone else's budget to be bale to sustain that."

Eckhardt said she hopes people will keep in mind others when using the parks so that everyone can enjoy them. 

Vandalism issues hinder the public in using the parks to their fullest potential and limit amenities that can be offered when the department has to keep fixing the same things over and over because people vandalize them. 

"It's very frustrating for our maintenance staff who goes every day to clean them and try to keep them usable for the public," Eckhardt said. "They feel like they're doing a lot to make our parks better, clean and useful for all, yet there is no respect from some in the community to also help take care of those parks."