NORFOLK - It was a different kind of signing day at Christ Lutheran School in Norfolk on Monday.

Elementary classes took turns signing their names on the floor of what will eventually become their new gymnasium.

It was a great first impression for the kids, many of whom were seeing the facility for the first time.

"There's reason for excitement," said principal Drew Urban. "We've had a lot of people come in and take a look, and they just want to hang out in the building and see it. It's really a miracle that this has taken place."

In addition to their names, the students also wrote various bible verses. It's an idea Urban carried over from his time as a principal of an elementary school in Houston, Texas that was damaged by Hurricane Harvey in 2017.

"We wanted to put God's word on the gym floor and make it the foundation before we put the hardwood up," Urban said. "It went really well. We got a lot of really cool pictures. The kids had a lot of really cool verses. We wanted to do the same here at Christ Lutheran."

The $8 million Hausmann Construction-helmed project will feature not only a new gym, but a new cafeteria, offices and multi-purpose space - all improvements that Urban says were a long-time coming.

"This school is 151 years old," Urban said. "We have a huge history here at Christ Lutheran, and we really want kids to feel part of that history."

As for the kids signatures', they'll eventually be covered up by the basketball court. But Urban says knowing what's underneath is something they'll be able to take with them in the years to come.

"When they look back on it 20, 30, or 40 years down the road they can tell their kids who might be going to Christ Lutheran 'Hey, this is where my name was!' but also feel like they're a part of it," Urban said.

The new facility is expected to be ready by this October.