COLUMBUS, Neb. -- A new athletic training center in Platte County is looking to help the next generation of athletes.

The Columbus Performance Center has been a work in progress since last September but is now working with school students in the area.

Lucas Novotny, the director of performance and training, said the center is meant to provide individualized training community-wide.

"The purpose is to provide sports performance training to athletes in the community in order to reduce the likelihood of injury and allow them to have the most successful athletic experience they could have," Novotny said. 

Novotny said the center is currently working with a wide range of students, which spans from fourth graders to students at Central Community College.

He said the center is aiming to provide athletes with a home for long-term development through their athletic careers.

Novotny detailed what a daily workout includes.

"They will get movement training on the turf to start a session," Novotny said. "That will always be followed by a full body training session. With full body, there's lower body explosive work, lower body strength work, upper body strength work, and core work. 

Athletes train in small groups and use advanced technology such as laser timers to track their workouts.

Novotny also said that along with providing athletes with a strong session, they learn important lessons too.

"With our younger kids, if we can develop that base of athleticism, and so we are talking about providing stability and strength at each joint which is going to reduce their likelihood of ever getting injured in sport, that's a big deal," Novotny said. "We get to provide some values with them that last a lifetime. They learn how to pick each other up, coach each other." 

The Columbus Performance Center will be moving to the Columbus Fieldhouse once construction is complete.

If you're interested in learning more or signing up for a program, click here.