HUMPHREY, Neb. – Firefighters were on the scene of a rural blaze north of Humphrey Monday morning.

First responders were called to a rural property in Platte County just before 11:00 a.m.

According to Humphrey Fire Chief Joe Hubenka, approximately three bales of hay caught fire as workers were moving them in the morning. Hubenka said that it's likely the bales likely got too close to exhaust on a skid loader.

Hubenka said firefighters spread the bales apart, with crews leaving the scene approximately an hour after they were called to the scene.

There were no injuries, and Hubenka said the only damage on scene was to the bales that caught fire.

He said the rest of the morning and afternoon remained quiet, but current conditions leave fire crews on constant high alert.

"You never know what could happen when that wind comes up again," Hubenka said.