COLUMBUS, Neb. -- The city of Columbus announced who the next golf course superintendent will be. 

The city said that longtime Van Berg Golf Course Crew Leader Shawn Riedmiller was recently promoted to the role as superintendent.

Riedmiller will be taking over for Keith Kline, who will soon retire. 

"I'm excited," Riedmiller said. "I'm confident we can continue to try to put out a good product people can enjoy, and I'm looking forward to having a crew who can help me get things done."

The city said that Riedmiller will start his new role Monday, March 27.

According to the press release, Riedmiller will be responsible for overseeing the maintenance at Quail Run and Van Berg golf courses, as well as working with a crew to accomplish tasks, amongst other things. 

"Shawn has done a fantastic job at Van Berg for us, and I think he's really looking forward to the challenge at Quail," said Doug Moore, City Public Property director. "He has some ideas for somethings he would like to try, so I think he will be a really good fit for us."

The city stated in a press release, they had recently announced a significant part of the job will be continuing efforts to improve the 18-hole Quail Run after the extensive damage that happened there as a result of the historic March 2019 flooding. 

According to the city, Riedmiller, who noted he has a good relationship with his predecessor and is quite familiar with Quail Run, is eager to take on the challenge. 

"I want to get it back to where it was," Riedmiller said. "It's on the right path, but we're still dealing with the effects of the flood. I want to get it back to where it was and even better."