COLUMBUS, Neb. -- Authorities in Columbus arrested a 34-year-old man for drug charges Thursday morning. 

The Columbus Police Department said that in the early hours of Thursday morning, they brought in Rayann Bickerstaff into the Platte County Detention Center on drug charges. 

Authorities served a search warrant to Bickerstaff to search his home. 

CPD said that during the search, officers were able to see drugs and paraphernalia inside the residence. 

CPD Capt. Doug Molczyk said their findings were consistent with the tips they had gotten from the community,

Molczyk sad that the residence had been previously identified as a suspected drug house. 

According to officials, a second warrant was served at the residence for drugs and other drug-related contraband. 

During the search, CPD officers said they found more drugs hidden inside the residence. 

Evidence of drug distribution was also found, according to Molczyk.

Bickerstaff was arrested on charges of possession of controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia and false reporting. CPD said that Bickerstaff has two active arrest warrants as well. 

He also said that arrest warrants are pending in connection with this case. 

The Nebraska State Patrol assisted in the service of the search warrants.