COLUMBUS, Neb. -- A non-profit in Platte County is helping the public receive mental health services.

The Columbus Area United Way has launched a new public service announcement called “How Are You Really?” in the form of a website to help those in need of services.

Hope Freshour, the executive director of the Columbus Area United Way, said the website will help open new doors for those that need help.

“The concept is to bring awareness about mental health,” she said. “All of us have mental health, every single individual that is living has mental health. It is just how we react to our emotions.”

The PSA has been in the works since 2020.

Freshour said the website is designed for people of all ages, adding that Platte, Boone, Colfax, and Nance counties, the areas the United Way covers, have a 50% higher average of youth suicide attempts compared to the state average in Nebraska.

Visitors can find flyers, posters, videos, and links to mental health services on the website.

“We have very strong and brave individuals that were willing to share their testimonies,” Freshour said. “It’s offered in English and Spanish and those individuals live and work in the communities that we serve.”

Freshour shared with News Channel Nebraska some ways that she believes are the best ways to take mental health breaks.

“I enjoy being outdoors, taking a brain break and being able to walk outside. Making sure you carve out time, to have time, to yourself,” she said. “Drinking enough water, making sure exercise is apart of that. Being connected to other people whether that’s a church group or fellowship group. Those things studies say are important.”

The United Way is in the process of putting together a marketing plan for the PSA.

Freshour said the organization is planning to reach out to local schools and different areas of the community to spread mental health awareness.

Click here to visit the United Way's mental health website.