COLUMBUS, Neb. -- Authorities in Columbus investigated a potential school threat on Wednesday. 

The Columbus Police Department said that they responded to a report of a student potentially having a weapon at Columbus Middle School. 

CPD said that a student had initially made the report to a teacher about the potential weapon.

CPD Capt. Doug Molczyk said that the Police Department, in partnership with CMS's administration, they investigated the situation and no weapon was found. 

Officials reported that, as a precaution, the middle school was placed into a Hold in Place, which was removed once they determined that there was no threat. 

CPD said that CMS had their regular Wednesday early out at 2:35 p.m.; and parents and staff were updated with voicemails and text messages. 

"Columbus Public Schools did an excellent job in reporting the incident that was reported to them, and the Columbus Police Department responded in a timely fashion and was able to help resolve the issue," Molczyk said.