PICKRELL - Southeast Nebraska will be represented by one of their own at Super Bowl LVII.

Cam Jurgens grew up in the central Gage County town of Pickrell, where he spent his days herding cattle on the family farm, fishing, and playing any and all sports he could. Now, he gets ready to help the Philadelphia Eagles battle the Kansas City Chiefs as the back up center, in a quest for the biggest prize in football - all in his rookie year.

Cam’s mother, Beth, has been able to watch him develop as an athlete since day one.

“Since he was just a baby he always had a ball or a bat or some kind of sporting good in his hands,” Jurgens said.

Growing up, Cam played football, baseball, wrestling, track/field, and basketball. He attended Beatrice High School where he played tight end, before he was transformed into a center. Beth says she didn’t always envision him being a football player.

“We thought he might go on to be a basketball player,” Jurgens said. “That was his first love, basketball. He was obviously good at track, but football kind of won out.”

Beth and the rest of the Jurgens family have ventured from southeast Nebraska to several Eagles games this season. Jurgens says it’s been a new, exciting experience, quite different from the days of watching Cam at Beatrice’s House of Orange, and even Memorial Stadium. When watching Cam at Nebraska, things like the unity walk and family tailgates were tradition, but Jurgens says pre and postgame activities are a bit different in the NFL.

“A lot of the players have their own families, wives, and kids and stuff, but we’ve met a few after the game,” Jurgens said. “We get to meet up with Cam and the families, so we have definitely met some very nice people.”

While Cam hasn’t played a significant number of snaps, that’s partially due to who he’s behind in the depth chart: one of the games premier centers, Jason Kelce. Therefore, Cam has learned from one of the best at his position and practiced against a defensive line featuring Fletcher Cox and, an idol of Cam’s, Ndamukong Suh. Beth said Cam has taken all of the trials and tribulations of his rookie year, with stride.

“Cam is so well grounded, that he’s just out there, getting better, learning from the best and whenever his opportunity comes up, he gets out there,” Jurgens said. “I think he’s handled it really well from what he’s talked to us about. There’s a lot to learn in that next level up.”

Beth says the support from those she’s gotten to know throughout the years, has been second to none.

“Couldn’t really ask for anything more,”  Jurgens said. “The Beatrice backing, my friends and the mothers I’m still with from back at Nebraska, I get Facebook messages from them. It’s just wonderful.”