LINCOLN - At halftime of the Nebraska men's basketball game on Saturday with fourth-ranked Purdue, as has become tradition, Nebraska introduced new football Head Coach Matt Rhule. 

Rhule was officially hired on Friday, November 27 and introduced to the public the following Monday. The ceremony this past weekend gave Rhule the ability to captivate the crowd and give a clear look at his plan as Nebraska's next head coach.

"This is not an opportunity, this is not just another coaching assignment," Rhule said. "This is a mission for us."

Since being hired Rhule has assembled a large sum of his coaching staff as well as recruiting across the state. Those recruiting trips, as Rhule mentioned on Saturday, brought trips to Omaha, Scottsbluff, Norfolk among other places. Rhule said he wants to get Nebraska back to the level where young kids in Nebraska, and around the country, know the meaning of greatness surrounding the N on the helmet. 

"I remember being an eight, nine, ten year old boy. I can still remember waking up on Black Friday to see the Cornhuskers take the field," Rhule told a sold out PBA. "Even in New York, even in Pennsylvania. I knew that the N on that helmet, meant greatness."