Nebraska’s three House members, all Republicans, have come down on different sides of a potentially economy-paralyzing national rail shutdown.

Congressmen Don Bacon and Mike Flood voted in favor of a bill that would impose a compromise labor agreement and prevent a possible union strike on Dec. 9.

Bacon telling KFAB radio, “I talked to a lot of these railroad workers—some of them work 20 days straight and the 21st day they’re on call. They talk a lot about quality of life is a real problem, trying to keep their families together. So, I was really responding to what I’ve heard from some of the railroad workers.”

Congressman Adrian Smith voted against the measure, which passed the full House by a vote of 290 to 137, with 79 Republicans joining 211 Democrats. Eight Democrats and 129 Republicans voted against the legislation. 

On a second, separate but related, bill to provide seven days of paid sick leave in the contract—which is the workers main disagreement with the current deal—Flood and Smith voted no, Bacon voted yes.

That bill passed much more narrowly by a 221 to 207 vote.

Both measures now go to the Senate.