COLUMBUS, Neb. -- Another Nebraska town is taking preliminary steps to possibly hosting casino games soon.

The Columbus City Council this week approved a special use permit that would allow Caesars Entertainment to use AG Park as a temporary facility for gambling while they construct their planned Harrah's Casino on the town's west side.

The council's vote was 6-2.

The vote came after multiple concerns were raised by area residents related to a casino's potential effect on property values and crime.

"I know people think it sounds crazy, but we do have two cemeteries on both sides of AG Park and you have a casino in between," said resident Barb Cave. "You will have people possibly sleeping in the cemetery, leaving their trash in the cemeteries."

There were also concerns raised over what using AG Park would mean for other events currently hosted there.

Platte County Ag Society officials said at the meeting that temporarily hosting casino games at AG Park shouldn't affect their schedule.

There are currently no concrete plans on when casino gambling could potentially get started in columbus.

Construction of a 40,000 square foot casino and horse-racing track off of Highway 81 is expected to begin this fall.