COLUMBUS, Neb. -- While on a visit to Columbus, U.S. Sen. Deb Fischer (R-NE) touched on inflation and agriculture.

"The people of Nebraska, they are worried about inflation," Fischer said. "That's the number one issue."

Fischer said that the ag economy is very worried about inflation with the factors being inflation with gas, food, energy, and fertilizer. 

She said that not only should those in the ag economy should be concerned, but everyone Nebraskan should be worried as well. 

"If you look at the ag economy, it's the economic engine of the state of Nebraska," Fischer said. "Within that, just the livestock segment is the biggest, biggest driver for the economy of Nebraska."

Fischer said that livestock has an impact of $13.8 billion on the state of Nebraska.

Additionally, she said, that Nebraskans always want to make sure that the ag economy is going to be healthy for the state.

"Because when the ag economy doesn't do well then the state doesn't do well," Fischer said. 

Fischer said that right now the state needs to look at ways to get the inflation to go down. 

"Another problem is really a low unemployment number," Fischer said. "It's hard to get employees across the state. It's hard for the ag economy; it's hard for hospitals; it's hard for schools; it's hard for manufacturing."