COLUMBUS, Neb. -- Elementary school students in Columbus had the opportunity to learn about important jobs in their community Tuesday.

The Columbus Area Chamber held their annual vehicle day at AG Park Tuesday morning for first graders.

The event welcomed 13 different schools for the chance to experience and learn what roles these vehicles and their operators play in their community.

Dawson Brunswick, the president of the Columbus Area Chamber, said vehicle day is a great way for children to learn more about what they want to do in their futures.

"Kids are figuring out what they want to do earlier and earlier in life. When parents are driving their kids around town and they drive up by a cement truck, their son or their daughter can say, I learned what that truck did the other day and just bring awareness at an early age to all the things that happen in our community," Brunswick said.

Vehicles at the event ranged from heavy machinery to emergency vehicles, even a helicopter was present.

Children were able to go inside and play games to discover more about the vehicles.

Duane Matson, a 20-year participant of vehicle day and a member of the chamber, said he likes to quiz the children about his vehicle.

"I usually ask the kids the questions to get involved. I ask them what the vehicle is, what it's used for, where you take it, and I ask them why I'm dressed the way I am," Matson said.

The Columbus Area Chamber holds multiple activities for children during the school year.

The organization will be holding an "interview day" come September.