COLUMBUS, Neb. -- A Columbus organization is inviting the public to get active this Columbus season.

The Platte County Lifestyle Coalition is holding the yearly "Walk to Jerusalem" and is inviting the Columbus community to join them to reach 7,500 total miles of walking among participants.

The mileage total represents the distance it would take to walk to the holy site.

The walk is a great way to stay active and reflect on faith with the spring weather on its way.

"It's an imaginary walk not only for fitness but also for reflection as we get closer to easter, for people to reflect on their own faith," said Gene Vis, the Platte County Lifestyle Coalition Coordinator. "We're promoting health and wellness in the community and the walk is a great way to do that because walking is probably the easiest exercise for the majority of people to participate in."

Church members log their own miles and report them to their church and those not participating through their church report their miles to gene.

Currently, a total of 6,768 miles have been accumulated among the Columbus community landing the walk in North Africa.

If you're interested in participating, Gene Vis at 402-562-4686 or [email protected]

The walk ends April 17.