COLUMBUS - You may be faced with a situation where you're trying to save someone from bleeding to death. 

That's why Columbus Community Hospital continues to offer its Stop the Bleed classes.

CCH Trauma Program Manager Samantha Lozos said the program is not new to Columbus, but that they want the community to know that they're still offering courses teaching everyday people how to be more than bystanders and help someone's chances of surviving.

“It could take greater than five minutes for trained professionals to get there, so I want the lay person to really know how and what to do," Lozos said.  "How to recognize that bleeding emergency and stop it.”

CCH said blood loss is the culprit of 35 percent of pre-hospital deaths.

Lozos said that's why it's key for average citizens to learn how to stop the bleed.

“Even being in Columbus, in the city area," she said.  "If you have a life-threatening bleeding situation that happens — whether that’s from a motor vehicle accident, gunshot, even a simple laceration at home — if you nick an artery, you have three to five minutes for someone to intervene and save your life.”

Lozos said in the last year, she taught courses for Columbus Public Schools and other organizations.

“I actually went out to Behlen’s and did a teaching with them," she said.  "I’ve had several churches reach out.  I go to quite a few outlying EMS communities that we serve, their volunteers and do tourniquet education.”

She's not stopping there.  She said her goal is to get every public place in town a bleeding control kit.

If you would like to sign up for a Stop the Bleed class or set up a course for your organization or business, call her at (402) 562-3192.  You can also email her at