We are learning more and more details in the arrest of fired Pilger Village Clerk Kimberly Neiman; details surfacing in lengthy court records examined by News Channel Nebraska.

An affidavit for her arrest warrant noting that while she was clerk Neiman had written many unauthorized checks.

As News Channel Nebraska first reported Neiman, once hailed as the town's hero for her work following twin tornadoes that hit Pilger in 2014, blamed her out-of-line check writing on those devastating storms, telling the village’s insurance company that, “A lot of stuff has happened since the tornado, so I wasn’t sure what had happened.”

But the affidavit notes that at least 130 checks were written prior to the Pilger tornado, half a dozen for $2,600 dating back to 2006.

The list of “suspicious checks” topping out in 2018 for $248,000 thousand dollars, $807,000 over 12 years, money the warrant says was used to “pay off the threats made to her…and her family…and were as such for her personal benefit.”

Those threats by the way came with “no further explanation,” according to the affidavit.

By the way one of the frequent payees on the suspicious check list is a man by the name of Gavin Evento. Who is Gavin Evento? Well, he’s described as "one" of Neiman’s former husbands.

Finally, the affidavit notes that this isn't the first time Neiman has been accused of theft. Before she moved to Nebraska her employer in Tennessee made the same accusation.

According to investigators, she once explained that she repaid that employer.