More bad news today for the former Pilger Village Clerk who was arrested yesterday.

Kimberly Nieman—once hailed as a hero in the aftermath of twin tornadoes that leveled the town in 2014— is now facing a total of 17 criminal charges.

In addition to her arrest on seven counts of theft and three counts of abuse of public records, prosecutors have now added four more abuse of records charges along with three counts of official misconduct.

Neiman, who was fired last February, has been front and center in a state audit involving the “mishandling” of more than 700-thousand dollars.

The audit followed an exclusive investigation by News Channel Nebraska that detailed tens of thousands of dollars in questionable spending and an unknown number of missing village emails.

Neiman is out on bond, her first court appearance is scheduled for March 10th.

If convicted on all counts she is facing more than 120 years in prison.