COLUMBUS - While not many are utilizing them during the cold winter months, two different park improvements in Columbus have finally taken shape.

The playground equipment at the new Frontier Park has been completed, and wood chips have been laid down around the complex as well. Frontier Park is located next to the Armed Forces Readiness Center just outside of Columbus, and is across the street from a handful of new homes that have been built on Armory Drive.

The City purchased the equipment from Omaha-based Creative Sites LLC for $39,431 back in April. $60,000 was set aside in the City's budget for the project, but a $30,000 donation from Sertoma of Columbus assisted in paying for the equipment.

The equipment took a little longer than originally anticipated to put together, but full construction was completed within the past month. Also completed in that time-frame was a new restroom and storage building which will be a part of Frontier Park as well.

Other improvements still on the horizon at Frontier include basketball courts, tennis courts, a large field for children to play in, and possibly a large horseshoe complex as well. The field is expected to be ready by the summer of 2020, while the courts may take a few more years to build.

Along with the Frontier Park playground, a splash pad at Glur Park was also completed within the last month. The recreational area is located on the north end of the park, and all of its systems were recently tested and found to be operational.

The splash pad cost $120,000 to construct, which the City was able to accrue through sales tax revenue. The hope is that once the weather warms back up, residents who live near Glur Park will have another way to have fun in the sun close to home.