COLUMBUS - Australian-born blues artist Michael Charles has returned to play not one, but two free shows Friday and Saturday at the Micek Bar.

It's part of his international tour, which includes the United States, Canada and Australia.

News Channel Nebraska sat down with Charles on Friday.  He said it's an honor to be playing Columbus again.

"Anyone can play anywhere once and my attitude is it’s not good enough once," Charles said.  "If they ask you back, it’s a good sign.”

His tour is supporting his most recent release: A documentary about his music career and its accompanying soundtrack.  Both share a message of determination and belief in oneself.

"We all go through some kind of horrible things in our lives," he said.  "There was a song that I recorded called “Keep Walking” back in 1999, I believe...So I thought ‘that song says a lot.  You have to keep walking.’”

He said that’s what got him back in the studio to rerecord some songs as well as some new tracks.

Charles said recent tragedies and the role mental illness plays in them may have subconsciously inspired him to put out his positive message.

“It’s just so sad to see and it seems to be more prominent these days than it’s ever been," he said.  "Does it affect me intentionally with my work in any way?  Probably not.  But I think all of us get touched by what’s going on right now.  It’s definitely a changing world.”

New songs aren't all he'll play.  Charles said you can expect to hear numbers from all of his albums and he just wants you to come out and have a good time.