COLUMBUS - How do you make a holiday meal with a pressure cooker?  Columbus Community Hospital held a class on Friday to teach folks just that.

Using Instant Pots, dietitian Susan Olmer cooked turkey, acorn squash, potatoes and even cheesecake.

Olmer said Instant Pots are popular, but some people are reluctant to use them.

“A lot of people are afraid of them," she said.  "So the idea behind this class was to teach people that it’s a safe piece of equipment, how to use it, what the benefits are of using a pressure cooker.”

She said one of those benefits is it cooks faster, which not only saves you time but is also a health benefit.

“Because they cook faster, it actually retains a lot of the nutrients in the food," Olmer said.  "It also captures flavors.  When you use a pressure cooker, it actually infuses the flavors into the product of the food to make them even taste better.”

She said the goal of the class is to show folks that they can use pressure cookers despite how they look.

"One of the things that I try to teach in my classes is that just because it has 10 or 12 buttons, you only have to use three," Olmer said.  "It just depends on what you want to cook and how long you want to cook things.”

The pressure cooker classes have been pretty popular too.  Friday’s was the second one CCH has hosted and they said they’re setting up a third.