PLATTE COUNTY - Lakeview Community School officials say their junior senior high school building is showing its age.

"Leaks throughout the hallways that are coming from the air conditioning units," said superintendent Dr. Aaron Plas.  "We are in constant repair.  There’s not a day goes by, unfortunately, that there’s not a trash can in our hallways collecting water.”

He also said the building's 50-year-old electrical system is getting more difficult to maintain.

Next week, Lakeview district residents will decide the fate of a bond that Dr. Plas said would help renovate the building.

That's not all.  It would also pay for several additions to the school for what Plas said is an ever-increasing student population.

"In 2012, we had 670 students in the district and by 2018, we had 863 students," he said.  "As of today, we have 884 students in our district."

On top of that, he said several staff members have to make do with sharing spaces and using old janitors' closets as makeshift offices.

"When you have physical restraints in size, there’s only so many things you can offer," Plas said.  "So as we continue to expand these areas, it’s going to help our curriculum.”

It's a $12 million bond and on October 15, district residents will vote on whether or not to pay for that by increasing property taxes.