COLUMBUS - Nominations are now being accepted for a trio of awards which will be presented at the annual Columbus Area Business Hall of Fame Banquet.

The Ovation, Archway, and Charles Farnham Volunteer of the Year Awards will all be presented to a collection of outstanding people during the banquet. The ceremony will also see a new class enshrined in the Columbus Area Business Hall of Fame.

The Ovation Award, sponsored by Ernst Auto Center, is given to women who demonstrate support of the goals of professional women and provide unselfish assistance on their behalf. Recent winners of the award include Pat Anderson, Mary Novotne, Lisa Kaslon, and Sharee Jedlicka.

The Archway Award, sponsored by Pinnacle Bank, is given to those businessmen who demonstrate excellence in their business or profession, or who exhibit initiative and creativity that enhances the efficiency of their business or profession. Recent winners include Matt Gotschall, John Cimpl, Michael Hansen, and Mike Fleming.

The Charles Farnham Volunteer of the Year Award from First Nebraska Bank is named after a man who set the bar for volunteer efforts in Columbus.

"It's based on a man who was a World War II veteran, and he served in the American Legion and did things with the VFW, but then he was a mentor to other business people in the community," Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce President Jeanne Schieffer said.

"We have individuals all over Columbus who are in a business or representing a business, that are there to help volunteer and help the community succeed, and it should be recognized that we have a lot of giving, generous people in our community," Schieffer said.

Recent winners of the Charles Farnham award include Don Heimes, Karin Rieger, Doug Moore, and Debbie Potter. Nomination forms for all three of the awards can be found on the Chamber's website, and nominations are being accepted until September 27th.

The banquet itself is scheduled for November 26th, and Schieffer hopes the Columbus community will come out and support the business leaders who will be honored.

"These awards are given out to the individuals, and I think it's important that they have that audience there, so if you're a member of the public, we hope that you'll come out and join us," Schieffer said.