Surgeons in one Nebraska city will soon be getting some new assistance with their operations.

Columbus Community Hospital unveiled its new Robotic-Arm Assisted Surgery System Thursday. The new piece of equipment will help with knee and hip replacements

Doctor Shawn Brandenburg says the system will help surgeons be more precise with cuts and placement of parts which will make post-op life easier on the patients.

"With that in mind, you get less soft tissue damage," Brandenburg said. "Therefore, early recovery and pain control is much better in these patients. Overtime, I think clinical outcomes may be improved with use of the robot."

Robotics are becoming more and more common with medical operations as technology improves.

For those who may have reservations about having a robot help perform a surgery, Doctor Richard Cimple says its a tool and the surgeon is still in charge.

"The surgeon does the operation, not the robot," he said. "This is just another tool we have in the operating room that helps us do it better. I think what we do now is really very good and accurate, but we've known for a long time that if you get proper placement of the components and proper alignment of the knee, the longevity of the implants is better."  

Hospital officials say the robotic arm will begin being used in surgeries starting in September.