MERRICK COUNTY - A large amount of stolen property from rural Merrick County was recently recovered from a residence in Kansas City, Missouri.

The Merrick County Sheriff's Office says that a complaint was received on June 29th about a theft from a residence in rural Merrick County between Clarks and Silver Creek. Approximately $75,000 of personal property was stolen, including firearms and a tractor.

The suspects were tracked to a store in Columbus, where a trailer was purchased using a fake ID. The Sheriff's Office says that during the investigation, the suspects were found to be from the Kansas City, Missouri and Olathe, Kansas areas. 

The suspects were later identified, and a search at their residence in Kansas City resulted in a large portion of the stolen property being recovered. The Sheriff's Office says that four suspects have been identified thus far, and detectives from the Olathe, Kansas Police Department are continuing with the investigation.

The Sheriff's Office says identification and photographs of the suspects will come at a later date, and the case is still under investigation.