COLUMBUS - Columbus Public School students are giving back to their community through a youth philanthropy contest.

Madeline Hudnall, Lillian Hudnall, Mac Shevlin, and EllaMay Shevlin put together a project called "A Good Night's Sleep", with the goal being to help kids who don't have a bed to sleep in at night. Madeline Hudnall says that getting a good night's sleep is very important to a student's academic performance, and the group decided to help out those children who may not have an adequate sleeping situation.

"We decided we wanted to buy air mattresses, bedding, pillows, and stuff for kids to have a bed," Hudnall said. "Having a good night's sleep is important to be able to come to school, and make sure that your academics are all taken care of."

The project was put together as a part of this year's Youth Philanthropy Contest from the Columbus Area Future Fund and the Columbus Area Philanthropy Council. Five projects were selected as winners, and received up to $1,000 to help implement their project in the community.

Columbus Middle School Social Worker Heidi Luebbe says that this project will be a huge help to many different students at the Middle School, and she says the families will be very appreciative of the work that this group of students has done.

"Some of the kids that we work with don't have all of the resources that they need for a good night's sleep," Luebbe said. "Some kids are sleeping on floors, on couches, some kids are sleeping two or three to a bed, so I think that having a bed of their own is going to help these students have good academic functioning, and they won't have that struggle of trying to keep their eyes open during the day."

Luebbe says that anyone interested in utilizing the resources provided by the "Good Night's Sleep" project can call the school, and that community partners, other schools, or friends of families are welcomed to call about the bedding supplies as well.