FAIRBURY - With excessive heat and humidity continuing to bear down on the Midwest, it's important to keep yourselves, and your animals, safe and cool.

Livestock that's kept outside is susceptible to heat, especially cattle and swine. Doctor Tyler Kimberlin, a Fairbury Animal Clinic veterinarian, says there's only a few things livestock owners need to do in order for their animals to beat the heat.

"Providing plenty of fresh water and shade to the animals," he said, "and allowing them the ability to get there. That's the biggest thing with cattle. If we have guys who have cattle in lots, our biggest thing is to have water on the cattle or shade provided."

An excessive heat warning remains in effect for northeast Nebraska through Friday evening, and southeast Nebraska through Saturday evening. Parts of 12 states, as far east as Ohio, are currently under an excessive heat warning.

The Texas A&M Department of Animal Science says it's best to feed animals at least two hours after the day's ambient temperature. Cattle, and other stock, aren't inclined to eat much during midday when the temperature is hot.