Butterflies are pretty common in Nebraska this time of the year, but this weekend, butterflies meant so much more for the community of Columbus.

On Saturday, residents went to Frankfort square in Downtown Columbus for the 34th annual Extravaganza and the 6th annual Butterfly release put on by Columbus Community Hospital Volunteers.

Despite the hot Nebraska day, residents found themselves enjoying dances, raffles, and much more at the event, but the real highlight of the day was the butterflies.

Before the release, those who attended the event could purchase a butterfly and commemorate it to something meaningful to them.

The butterflies were shipped all the way from Florida for the event. Each of them came in protective envelopes before they were finally set free by those who purchased them. After the release, the park filled with fluttering wings and smiling faces.

"They're purchasing them in memory of, or thinking of important events in their lives, or organizations they think are wonderful," Mary Powers, Chairwoman of the Extravaganza and Butterfly Release, said. "If you look at the butterfly wall, there is just quite a variety of names and different things people want to think about when they purchase these butterflies," Powers said. 

Powers also says this year, a total of 350 butterflies were released at the event.

All the funds raised at the Extravaganza and Butterfly Release are set to help the Columbus Community Hospital pay for new, more advanced medical equipment for future generations.

The event proved to be a great way for residents in Columbus to share memories, support the community, and release their very own butterfly.