Construction Site Work - Difference Between Site Levelling and Grading!

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Leveling is one of quite a number of parts of the construction site preparation process.

Often confused with grading, leveling work is actually somewhat different, while also technically a part of the grading process.

Still, because the two processes are applied differently, both grading and leveling services are involved in getting any construction site ready for building.

What Is Land Grading and How Is It Applied?

Often confused with leveling, grading is actually a site preparation step that should be performed before any leveling work is done.

It involves shaping the land around a construction site to create natural drainage around the building site and building up the topography in whatever way is necessary.

Generally, grading shapes the land so that water flows away from the building site, protecting the foundation and soil immediately around it by preventing soil saturation, erosion, and similar problems.

What Is Ground Leveling and How Is It Applied?

Leveling services are those used to flatten, compact, and measure the actual construction site where a foundation or some other fixture will be put in to make sure it is level.

Regardless of what will be built, whether it is a building foundation, walkway, driveway, road, or patio, leveling is required to ensure the stability of the entire installation.

In the same way that contractors make sure that the floors, walls, and ceilings inside a building are leveled during installation, site preparation performs leveling work to be sure that the whole project is being started on level ground so the foundation can settle evenly and safely.

Grading is usually performed after underground utilities are installed and buried, a final re-shaping of those areas and the whole plot.

How Does Leveling and Grading Work Together?

Leveling and grading are similar processes that both involve manipulating and shaping the soil, just in different ways.

Though they are used separately to prepare an entire building lot for use, they are also technically used collectively for finishing the exact spot where some type of construction will happen.

Grading is done more broadly, to shape the entire area of land including and surrounding the construction site.

Leveling services are then performed after the grading in specific building areas to precisely level that specific location.

The end result is a flat, level surface ready for construction and a surrounding area that has been graded to flow water away from it and protect the building base.

A Well-Prepared Construction Site Needs Both Grading and Leveling

Whether building an office building or putting in a walkway, site preparation involves many steps, the last of which are grading and then leveling.

Without skillful site leveling work that is performed in conjunction with land grading of the surrounding area, building projects could end up at risk.


Preventing serious problems like uneven foundation settling, rising walkways, and buckling streets begin with hiring experienced grading and leveling services such as provided by JWhit Construction that understand the significance of this step in the process and can produce the best results.

When needing a residential or commercial land development company for an important project, trust the work ethic of JWhit Construction for any large or small land development plans – call (832) 230-2710 right away!

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